Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's new!

Ladies and gentlemen, here we are again at this moment that I must write a blogspot and I certainly feel so reluctant about doing it, that I typed in google "blogophobia" and guess what? It does exist of course! So much fun in internetland (and you can't come)!

PiTiVi activities: The last period, I have been trying to "polish" my undo_redo branch, see what does work and what DOESN'T want to behave yet! The effects undo/redo part is finally working but there are still some bugs that I didn't manage to crash at the corner of the room. (The most annoying one is the case where you are moving a clip horizontally in the timeline)..

I realised that this period of getting lost in a bug-hunting, can get really boring and energy-consuming and this feeling of fruitless can get over, so I decided to leave these bugs as they are for the moment (maybe gain their trust this way and guide them at the corner of the room;)) and do something more funny, to refresh my head a bit! This something, will be the implementation of text titles in PiTiVi. Nekohayo has already started working in the user interface functionality of text titles and I am looking at inaugurating the GES relative object in the project.

In case the scientific term "text titles" is not clear, it is this feature that enables you to add subtitles, titles and names during people's presentations, like another layer (overlay) in your clip, but also add a text with just a font, an image, that doesn' t cover your clip (text title).


  1. Oh well, blog entries don't need to be long - it's more about quickly telling the world what you work on and maybe getting some feedback on it. :)

  2. Hi! It's very hard to read with this background.