Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gstreamer HackFest 2012 in Malaga

Last week, I attended the GStreamer HackFest in Malaga and it turned out to be a very good decision to be there! First of all, I got to meet my two mentors for the OPW (Jeff and Thibault) and Edward, who first started PiTiVi and work closely with them for 3 days. Also, I got to meet a lot of people working on the porting of several applications to GStreamer 0.11. It was a great HackFest and I thank all the people that made it happen.

Working closely with the other PiTiVi team members, offered me the opportunity to work in a more efficient way (by clarifying many things that seemed to confuse me) and get to feel the team spirit (which is a greeeat power of motivation). Meeting all these people made me demystify what exactly is the challenge and the advantages to come while porting PiTiVi to GES. The challenge is that the development of GES is being done almost simultaneously with the porting, so some features/functions could be still not implemented and the advantages are that after the porting advances, the code of PiTiVi will be cleaner and smarter.

As far as the undo/redo functionality is concerned, the MediaLibrary and Timeline parts are working now fine and I am on the Effect part, which must be finally ok very soon (hope today...).

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