Monday, March 12, 2012

Printing Multiple Photos in a A4 paper

There are a lot of blogposts complaining about the several applications available in order to print multiple photos in a single paper, underlining their drawbacks.

So, here is why I didn't have a nice time yesterday night:

I tried the applications photoprint and gnome-photo-printer (and tried other ones supposed to do it, but didn' t realy) and it kept printing, only one, distorted photo per image (nothing to do with the Print Preview, the same applications was giving me before actually printing) and in black and white (although I wanted coloured).

Firstly, I thought it was the printer' s fooling around (shit happens), then I thought that my brand new cartridges weren' t aligned properly etc etc, just to find out that what was causing the problem (PROBABLY- but I won't waste more time, ink, photo paper, patience to exhaustively test the thing :)) was the fact that I had chosen "High Resolution Photo" in the Image Quality (in the Printer Settings) and this made all the applications go wild (even Image Viewer), when it comes to printing.

I am using Ubuntu 11.10, Unity and I have an HP Deskjet All-In-One machine.

P.S. Finally, what worked for me is to save in a .jpg file the A4 paper with the photos I want and then open and print it from whichever Image Viewer application, Image Quality: "Normal Color".

P.S.2: And today, I wake up to find that my email account has been hijacked. Well, I guess I should stay away from machines for today...


  1. Hi, i have read your comment about gnome-photo-printer.
    It is nice, that even after such a long time, there are people outside in the world using (or at least trying to do so) my little applicaion.
    As time went by, i had to stop working on gnome-photo-printer quite a while ago. I've got married, have 3 little childs and a job thats takes almost all the rest of the time.
    I wanted to port gnome-photo-printer to Gtk3/Gnome3, but do not have the time to do so.
    Sorry to say that, but i guess i have to declare this application to be dead.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment!
      It is nice having a contact like this. I have been using gnome-photo-printer and also relatively recently, some 6-8 months before, I was completely satisfied and I did exactly what I wanted to do with it :)

      It breaks my heart to declare it dead, it could be declared "needs contributors :)"!

      Hope everuthing works fine for you, life leads us to places!

    2. Ok, lets declare it "needs contributors" :)
      If i find some time, i could (but i cannot promise to do so) start porting the printing backend to newer Gtk3.
      I have to look inside the documentation if this will be "an easy task"?

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