Thursday, November 24, 2011

Say hi to the other kids, tsinaski!

-Hi other kids, this will be my blog!

The quest for knowledge, wisdom and originality never stops. Sometimes you think it advances, but then you see that you are only on the wrong way. 

When one is about to finish his studies, the professional originality and integrity is really taking a lot of place in his mind (or should... or it just does, in my case) ... I have been studying for a Computer Science bachelor 4 years and for a Computer Science master 2 more years. What I like mostly about it, is the freedom in this field. But freedom is not so ea-eas-sy to find! ("Freedom is impossible, this I know" Madrugada) But I know it is there! I know I can use these things I have been studying for purposes that my heart and mind approve and NOT just design the next processor who will sell as the Devil and make Me Rich!

Ah, ha, ha, ha (Professor Chaos - evil laughing) I know I can do that... (in the future?!)

A very wise Greek (and surely, not only Greek) proverb says: "Never postpone something for tomorrow, if you can do it today". So, let's look towards the open source - free software.

I have been accepted for the Gnome' s OPW internship and I feel so happy to consume my energy, mind-work, back-ache for something that seems such a good idea (between so many baaad ideas I can see in the world around me).

I will be working on Pitivi - video editing software during my internship, which is very appealing, as I will have the chance to work on video formats, python and GUI environment, which is something I have missed (snif) while dealing with hardware in my Master :) This blog will be hosting updates from my work on it.

Bon appetit!

P.S.: YES, I am naive, I live in an utopia and I know. Nice to meet me!


  1. Nice to virtually meet you. Welcome to GNOME.

  2. Hi,

    And why you don't work/help the Openshot Team ?
    You could work on video format, Python and Gui environment. And you 'll not be the only French in this Team !!!! :-)
    And Welcome in the Free world.

  3. @linuxevolution: Thanx for the idea, I will be looking at it more often! I am Greek but my latest destiny is to live in a french-speaking area :)